NorCal Fires Relief Music Project


Web: http://SolaceCD.org

Email: AxisMaximusGroup@gmail.com


Mission Statement – Project SOLACE


As a result of the devastating fires in California, the largest in our state’s history, we are compiling a CD of songs for Solace & Inspiration, to help those who must now move forward & re-build their lives.


How can technology, music, and a billion hearts join together to help those people who are re-building their lives after natural disasters?


We join together to help everyone affected by the California fires. To provide solace & inspiration, we are compiling songs to help people laugh, cry, dance, and rebuild their lives. This CD & subsequent concerts broadcast via YouTube, Pandora, Soundcloud, CDBaby, will be available online & other distribution channels.


Having spent most of my adult life in Northern California, where I was born, I feel inspired to do this. Wanting to help the community where I feel most at home, I got an idea to produce this album, hoping to help those who face re-building their lives there & beyond. Now I recognize that the people affected by hurricanes this year and in the future, or other disasters, or those recovering from any kind of PTSD, may find SOLACE & INSPIRATION to move through and past their heart-felt pain. This includes Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, New York, and beyond.


This album will feature folk, rock, soul, funk, and new age genres, to represent the diverse tastes of Northern California, which touch the souls everywhere.


This project represents some of life’s most important objectives: healing, music, community building, making people smile.


Please join us, as sponsors, artists, volunteers, engineers, producers, and supporters!


Visit our website to see how you can help ~



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